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The Lab Process

You sit directly in front of myself in order to view the entire appraisal process. Firstly, I clean and check your jewellery. I then discuss the reason for the appraisal as well as the background of the item. All diamonds and colored stones are identified, measured or weighed (if loose), and weights are calculated. The clarity of the diamond is determined using a state-of-the-art binocular Bausch&Lomb stereoscopic microscope. Diamond inclusion plotting can be done for proof of ownership. The color of the diamonds is determined by using a GIA master diamond set in a diamond lite. Fluorescence in a diamond is determined by ultraviolet exposure. Weights are calculated by the most recent scientific formulae as determined by the world's expert in gem calculation, Charles Carmona. All diamonds are priced according to three sources: The latest GemGuide edition, comparison with current Rapnet prices displayed right in front of you on the computer, as well as with current Polygon prices displayed right in front of you on the computer. Silver, gold and platinum are all properly acid tested. All jewellery items are weighed in grams. I use a ClarityMaster Video Imaging system to scan each item for a large and detailed photo that accompanies the appraisal. As well, the photo may be sent to you by email. Diamonds are subject to extra testing on the thermal conductor CZeckmate.

For colored stones, all larger stones will have their refractive index determined by either a Duplex or Rayner refractometer. Colored stones are compared to the GIA GemSet for near exact color matching. This may be very useful for insurance replacement. The latest in gemological tools will assist in the identification of colored stones.

Cultured pearls are compared to the MGL pearl master set. The latest pearl prices are supplied by a current international pearl dealer.

Independent Gemmological Services features a modern up-to-date complete library that covers every aspect of gemology.

At the end of the appraisal process I offer invaluable advice to clients, and try to help them out the best way possible. I will refer my clients to the correct jewelry expert for repair work, pearl stringing, diamond replacement, watch cleaning and servicing, etc. etc. I will also be pleased to either fax or email the copies of the appraisal to your insurance agent to hasten your insurance coverage.