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..and all While You Watch!!!

Independent Gemmological Services, or IGS Inc., has been in business since 1979. I do thorough appraisals mainly for insurance , verification, customs as well as many other purposes. I, Martin Sheffield, will be performing the appraisal for you. I am an Accredited Appraiser from the Canadian Jewellers Institute as well as a Graduate Gemologist from the GIA and a Graduate Jeweller from the CJI. I am also a registered Master Valuer with 32 years experience doing appraisals. All appraisals are done while you watch at the IGS lab. As the appraisal is being done I will comment on the procedures so you understand what I am doing every step along the way. Just phone for an appointment and bring your items for appraisal within a few days. The lab has long hours for your convenience and is open from 8am to 9pm Mon. to Fri. and on weekends by special appointment. The latest gemological equipment is used to conduct the appraisal and each item is thoroughly identified and described in full detail. The jewellery is thoroughly cleaned at the time of the appraisal and all stones are checked for security and tightness in their settings. There is a hardbound copy for both your records and the insurance company that is mailed to you within a few days. Copies of the appraisal are also emailed to you in order that you may receive them for insurance as quickly as possible. Large photographic scans are included with the appraisal as well. These scans are sent to you in the mail and may be sent to you by email as well. Appraisals are generally valid from 3 to 5 years and the insurance usually requests an update every 3 to 5 years. Updates are quickly done for you as well. The lab is conveniently located in Thornhill just minutes away from the Promenade Mall and there is plenty of parking. It's a fun experience coming to the IGS lab and watching me in action as I appraiser your jewellery!!!